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Sunday, April 26, 2009

For you mom... ;)

Isn't this one of the sweetest thing from our small boys? They can be a pain and overactive, and drives you complete "nuts", and then this moment happens - soooo incredible sweet moment. I love it - and it will always be one of those unforgetable moments.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Project 52 - week 16

My week 16 picture - I love this photo - just to bad my oldest DS got blurry- but he makes funny faces ( atleast he think so) in every photo. So it had to be this one or terrible "funnyfaces".
You can see the rest of my project 52 here. It is norwegian though - but who need language when it coms to photos. ;)


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Two achievements in march

First I become the photographer of month for march 09 at the Fotoverden blog.
I was thrilled. Actually OVER THE MOON!!
If you want to see any of my photos you can check it out here on my photoblog. :)
Then I won the March Digidonna Contest at ScrapScandiStyle. It is really great challenges there every month. You have to complete 5 different categories to compete.
Here is my entries:
Part 1 technique:
Part 2 theme:
Part 3 Sketch:
Part 4 scraplift:

Part 5 inspiration:


Friday, April 3, 2009

Project 52

Then another month has passed by. We enjoy the spring at least when the sun is shining and the teperature is good and warm for the season. I have made a layout of my mach pics - so it is 3 down and 9 to go.

Credits: Vera Lim - Flattering, and Flattering MagicAh Design -ScruffyStitchesAlpha: Cathrine Design C23DJB Silje

I think this weeks photo looks so nice - two swans making a heart together.

Besides my photos and projext 52 - it is not many layouts from me these days. I have just finished a photobook and are joining the contest "Do You think You Can Scrap?". Right now the two first weeks are finished and I am waiting for the next weeks theme. Then i have to think long and hard how to solve it. LOL