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Thursday, January 29, 2009

One award and some challenges

Today I received this award from my friend Hanne - It made me so happy. I really appreciate it.
I want to pass this on to Siwan that have a really GREAT blog with a lot of good stuff on and have some awesome photos. It is really great to visit her blog. And to Isa that have a super updating on absolutly everything, and gives a lot of inspiration to a lot of people.

And I have got a challenge from several other bloggers that in fact is the same one. LOL
I have received this challenge from

and Siwan

Here it goes:
Challenge number 1:
1. Log on to your photos on your computer
2. open folder number 6
3. find photo number 6
4. post it here and write something about the photo
5. send this challenge to 6 fellow bloggers, link to them here and let them know you have given them a challenge

Here is my photo nr.6 from folder number 6. It is Sander Mikal brushing his teeth with a new electronic toothbrush. He are so proud of it. And doing it with the biggest smile.

Challenge number 2:

1. You have to link the blog that have tagged you
2. Make a list over six (un)interesting things about yourself.
3. Tag five other blogs, and let them know by give a comment on their blogs.

1. The blogs that have tagged me is: Hanne

2. Five (un)interresting things about me:

1. I have been a ballroomdancer for many years

2. I have been scubadiving and have about 200 dives in my log.

3. I am a sailor, and been working on a oiltanker for 6 years.

4. I used to love reading books. But haven't been able to after the kiddos came to my life. Maybe I will start to do that again.

5. I really want to get a job and start to work again, after too many years at home.

I tag these following blogs to do one or both challenges:

Karen - Trille - Isa - Mona - Siwan - Anne Cathrine


Trine Lill said...

Koselig at du tenke på meg Lill!:)
Men jeg har akkurat tatt begge utfordringene, så da står jeg over.;)

Anonymous said...

Hei! Da har jeg tatt utfordringen din, OG levert inn digidonna-oppgavene. FOR en lørdagskveld! He-he ...

Anonymous said...

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