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Thursday, March 20, 2008


"Catch light or catchlight is a photography term used to describe either the specular highlight in a subject's eye from a light source, or the light source itself. They are also referred to as eye lights or Obies, the latter a reference to Merle Oberon, who was frequently lit using this technique. A catch light may be an artifact of the lighting method, or have been purposely engineered to add a glint or "spark" to a subject's eye during photography."
Here is an example:

I have tried to catch this lighteffect a lot of times. Here
are some photos I took this week. This one are the best
I think:

This one is good but a little blurry.

Here I got the light in one of the eye - but the other
got blurry.

I have fixed the left eye in photoshop now and it is
much better. :)
This is incredible exciting to experimenting with. And
it is a lot more diffecult than it seems. ;)


Julie Marie said...

Your catchlights are looking good :)

Antje said...

Fantastic photos!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, it looks difficult. LOL Just because I get red eye all the time, I think it would be hard to do, and you're doing an amazing job at getting it! Beautiful photos!

michellewaite1 said...

The photos are beautiful. I turn forty in a year and a half. One of my goals for my 40th is to take photography classes.
They both have such beautiful blue eyes.

DawnMarch said...

Nice catchlights -- especially on the first one. They really add to the sense of wonder in the photo.

AfriDigiDiva said...

Those are just the cutest photos!